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Wife massage stories

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Wife massage stories

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This is a print version of massaage my wife's first massage from a male masseur by deeplover8 from xHamster. I always thought how would it feel to experience this bliss. Now this is my true story and I have tried to write it in the simplest possible way.

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My wife's first massage from a male masseur

He then began what was obviously a professional standard massage. Katie began to undress for a shower before her massage, and in her slightly disinhibited state, and while holding both hands over her crutch, rubbing back and forth, teasingly said, "I hope they send a hunky man for my massage'. The independents fell into two groups. I'll just change the cd. The night's stay was to be a gift to the other couple, so I would pay for the room, and pick the key up in the massaeg before I pick them up from the airport.

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With each stroke the hands moved further to the in- and outsides of the thigh, the fingers again slipping up under the towel. His hands now swept down onto the back of her thigh the left hand working aife the outer side of the thigh, the right following the crease between the buttock and thigh to the inside of the thigh. I chose the latter. Each time she would squeeze her fist and move the skin over the base of his penis in a mini-masturbating movement.

Katie liked the idea.

He then slowly lifted his hands so that his fingers contracted towards the msasage. Secondly they still have ading rooms, and while we usually travel alone, we sometimes go away with friends, and it's always nice to have the connecting doors. He kept still for a moment then started rubbing his palm against her clitoris. I part owned a small to medium security firm, and attending these conferences was important in order to keep up with any advances, and usually to meet with suppliers to arrange orders.

As they disappeared back under her leg the right hand would sweep down the crack between her leg and cunt, the edge of his palm brushing back and forth along the edge of her mound.

I'm just going to pop into the shower then I'll be back to clean up. It appeared to be a race to see if Katie could squeeze one more orgasm in before Joel blew his load.

Here was Katie lying on her stomach, legs spread, with a near naked muscle bound black man rubbing his clearly erect cock into her back, as his fingers played lightly over her buttocks and down between her legs, occasionally drifting over her swollen labia. I suspected that most hotels were worried about the consequences of a complaint from a woman being massaged by a male and hence actively "failed" to fulfil the request. Even though I had a raging hard on in my free hand, with it's own thin stream of pre-cum stretching to the seat of my chair, Looking to fuck a Warrington lady Warrington was a little concerned as to how I'd feel if things went much further.

The second sories gave much more thought to their responses, and one stood out a mile on almost all fronts. Weaving his fingertips up her legs he deliberately avoided touching her pussy lips, which made Katie wiggle her bum in the hope of initiating contact. Katie's delicate white hand struggled to encircle the base of his cock, whish while no longer than my own was a good deal thicker. I have framed it in my mind… Karan kept on fingering her inside the dtories and she was stroking him… After sometime.

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Katie was right into it now, meeting his thrusts as best as she could while trapped under his massive frame. Karan played his oily hands nicely on her boobs and then removed it. I said thanks to Karan and he left…. Was she going to regret her actions?

Joel placed his hands around Katie's ankles and after a last glance straight up to her sopping cunt drew the ankles together, closing the view. For variation, Joel straddled Katie's upper back facing her feet. Mom and friends came back to check on her about then. The music back on, Joel d his position.

Friday morning came and off I set. Joel alternated his movements; sometimes rotating other times pumping back and forth as though he was fucking her. Rather than bring his hand back to Katie's breast, Joel lightly ran his fingers up and down her leg, while the other hand continued to play with her breast. Finally we came to room… my wife was very romantic and horny.

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He again partially submerged his finger in her sea of cunt juice, but this time lingered, subtly flexing his finger, testing the tension in her hole. The balcony was actually facing the beach and I had to be very careful that nobody should see me peeping inside.

Likewise if there was an area that she felt needed extra attention to please indicate this. Joel's reply began with the words, "Thankyou for considering me for this service…. He began at her neck and slowly worked his way masasge her spine before concentrating on the shoulders and upper arms.

She certainly gets pretty wild once she's turned on, but I couldn't imagine her letting it get too far out of control. On this al, Joel changed his approach. His muscle definition was superb without his being over muscled.

I only offer it to clients that I've seen a few times, once a level of confidence in each aife has been established. I could actually see my wife enjoying the massage as she was feeling very relaxed by now.

Taking the right knee Joel drew it up so that both the hip and knee were flexed. With Joel leaning back a clearer view of his cock and balls was available. The tone of his voice made Katie open her eyes and look up at Joel, who hastily added, "I put the "Do Not Disturb" stlries the door.

Ok, if you're ready to continue we have more work to do on your left leg. Holding her shoulders he then slid his body forward, his barely covered cock and balls gliding up and over her buttocks and onto her back. We took individual villa near the beach with privacy. As his fingers moved further Milwaukee Wisconsin dating ladies whores the length storiex her slit, her inner lips and clitoris would momentarily pop ztories view. Now Karan took some more oil and started massaging her stomach and navel.

She came and stood next to me.