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Innocent pet lesbian sex stories

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Innocent pet lesbian sex stories

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Stoplight Safe Words Summary A cool, light breeze comes in through the open window. It smells of the salty ocean as Vanitas scrolls lazily through his phone. He crinkles his storis at the aroma but welcomes it nonetheless. If he strained his ears he could also hear the ocean waves kissing and pulling away from the shore. Adjusting his position on the bed, he reaches behind him and pats around over his head until he finds a pillow to prop his head up on. Yawning softly, he blinks several times as an impetuous tiredness settles in his body.

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All throughout high school, they had sleepovers at each other's houses where they would tell their most intimate secrets. MFmf, ped, innocejt, bi, intr, oral, anal, beast, orgy Our First Time - by Jayemm - A true story of our first experience with another partner - a furry one!

Leading her to satisfy her fantasies forever. It took a short while until his prick and knot was small enough again to leave my vagina but then it was over.

The Chinese symbol for crisis is actually a combination of two others, danger and opportunity. Mg, innodent, inc, beast Merciful Breeding - by Tannim - A night of swimming, turns into a lot more for Mercy. MF, voy, mast, beast Lisa's Conversion - by MercySlayer - Lisa is an African-American woman traveling in Georgia when she is kidnapped, sold into slavery, and used as a breeder and "milk cow.

Dog Day Afternoon — Beth is an animal inspector who gets a little too close to the action. In a romantic, ocean-side locale perhaps there unquenched thirsts can be sated. By Cadwin. Wolfy My goat Stoney and I learn what bestiality is all about. FF-teens, youths, mast, beast Bonobo - by Yod Gimel Hen - Jane was tending to the Bonobo chimps in the zoo and had found them lovely and adorable, until one afternoon when she found them even more lovable than usual.

By Beast Lover. How I became a whore for animal cock — When Donna is gang raped by work colleagues and a dog, her life takes a dark turn toward depravity.

A romantic, captivating journey into the profound love between two women. FF, 1st, oral, mast Executive Decision - by Pallidan A female executive decides to try out a bar recommended by her secretary.

Collared by Bruno 1 — When you have a dog the same size as yourself any training aid should be helpful…maybe. It started me thinking about him and the bitch he had fucked and my cock got really hard FF, nc, dom, bi, bd, toys, spank A Woman's View - by Zaphod - The first of an ongoing story of a young woman's erotic adventures.

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She looked down into his large brown eyes and smiled, ruffling his headfur and scratching behind his ears. Being innicent bitch for the neighbor's dog Rambo was great fun.

We have gone to school together all the way from preschool. FF, bd, nc, mast Concubines, The - by pete - A lactating young mother is helped out by the Nanny and then things progress from there.

Ff, 1st-lesbian exper Coven - by Kandy Cane - Night fell quickly as I moved at a steady pace along the seldom-used trail. FF, exh, voy, org, 1st Baby - by Sweetmeat - My insecurities turned me into a very loved baby. The Dog Days of Summer — An erotic high oet event le to a summer of exploration. He's looking for a family as perverted as hmself and now he may have found it.

Her face danced before his eyes as his stroking increased. Written in 2 parts, both posted here.

Yes, I have her permission to post it. MF, exh, orgy, ws, nc, bd, prost, beast. Eventually, she tentatively raised her arm and pressed the doorbell.

It seemed really funny that during one of the lowest points in her life she could find a lover like Mao. The "real" world felt so bleak in comparison.

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Another day of rumination, and the idea had become an objective. Chapters 1 through 5. MFF, FF, 1st-lesbian-exp, intr, voy Alexis At Home - by Snow Ghost - I had hypnotized Alexis, but an oversight on my part led to some totally unexpected, lnnocent not unwelcome, episodes at my daughter's house. Judge for yourselves.

Her life is nothing but fucking and sucking. The thick elms and sugar maples darkened in the twilight, their shadows turning from charcoal to coal. This is the story how she discovered how nice it is to have sex with her husky Wolf.

It's a story I wrote for a friend of mine as a possible fantasy of what might happen if we got together, so it's pretty damn revealing, all told. At least technically. Peet Owned 2 — The man who now controls her is not what he seems.