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613 707 phone number

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613 707 phone number

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Did not answer. Did not recognize the ph. Google Search found this to be a possible computer making the calls. I told him that he needed to remove me from the list and he told me I was mumbling, then mocked a mumbling sound.

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A scam warning from canada revenue agency

Secondly, we may not have enough information from users about a given. File a report about 7007 provide as many details as possible. To know your caseand, to speak to a revenue officer, call back on This is not the first time thi How to file a complaint against annoying telemarketers Each time the phone now rings it feels like a thief is breaking into your home.

Had I picked up first thing in the morning when they called, barely awake, I would have been far 631 cognitively vulnerable. I am recovering from a brain injury and still find it disorienting to follow a phone conversation. Top Searches Today:. How many calls did you receive? What does flagging a phone as Safe or Unsafe mean? Here you find FAQ about this site.

Protect your phone

White initially it sounds legit, listen to it a few times and you start to hear past the scary words and notice some phrasing issues that surpass the normal Government-level of word saladness. Nearby Area Codes.

Whoever they are. I will not return the call, but I really don't want them calling every day. I check my mail,and phone several times a day.

11 reports about

If you posted a comment as a guest, please to delete your comment. Did not answer. What time zone is area code ? Area code serves southeastern Ontario, Canada including Ottawa. What did they say or what message did they leave? Did not recognize the ph.

Search man

This message is intended to inform you regarding an enforcement action, executed by the Canadian Revinue Agency intending your serious attention toward this matter. Thank the ever-loving Bing algorithms.

I did not know it was true or not but started to suspect they were not CRA during the conversation. Your phone will be deleted as soon as possible.

It has a single overlay that serves the same area. Amy says: April 11, at am Got the same thing yesterday.

User complaints for ()

I asked to speak with his manager and he told me "tough luck" and hung up. Here are 6 different ways to help put an end to those annoy. Funny enough I phons called the back and had a frank conversation with the guy on the other end. Robot Voice also. And this is why I will never answer my phone again.

Apparently, they get about 1 in with this scam. What countries are supported? Google Search found this to be a possible computer making the calls. It was a robot voice for gods sake.

I will contact real CRA to confirm 6613 suspect. How do I remove my phone ? Amanda says: Hi Ontarian, thanks for your comment.

Our is already on the No Call List. First, the phone may not exist in any databases.