Cast Iron 101: Series Kickoff

I grew up watching my parents and grandparents use cast iron cookware in their daily cooking and as a kid who had to rotate doing dishes with my 4 siblings I hated when it was my turn to wash the skillet. I was always in trouble for forgetting: DO NOT USE SOAP ON THE CAST IRON SKILLET (or) DO NOT SOAK THE SKILLET IN WATER! I can still remember the look on my dad’s face and the tone of his voice when he inspected my post dish cleanup. NOT HAPPY. As a kid, I didn’t understand (I feel like I spent most of my childhood only 1/2 listening and of course I now regret missing all the wisdom and sage advice I was exposed to as a child). All I knew was that as a kid-cleaning those old crusty, heavy cast iron skillets was that it felt like a punishment! To be honest…I have spent most of my adulthood still clueless about how to properly use the cookware of my past. I now realize how amazingly cool and helpful these tools can be and I am in love with cookware. Thats because I stopped being scared of my lack of knowledge and I set out on a mission to: LEARN HOW TO PROPERLY USE CAST IRON.


Many of us (me, previously included) have kept our skillets that we collected or inherited in the bottom of a cabinet, pantry closet or lost in the darkness of “kitchen tools-I remember having but can’t remember where I put them…because I never use them.” If any of this sounds familiar or you can relate, I have a feeling the next 5 blog articles in this series may prove to be extremely relevant and helpful for you! I have asked 5 cast iron experts to join me for this project to share their tips, advice and fav recipes. Over the next 2 weeks I will be sharing their stories and expertise. I think this series will help us all to feel more confident and excited to use our cast iron cookware and if you don’t own any skillets of your own (yet)…then I can direct to a great local company I came across and think is fantastic! Cast iron skillets are extremely easy to use, versatile and are not as complicated as I originally thought. I hope this series is informative and helps you to feel more equipped and prepared to fully embrace cooking with them. I’ve collected several pieces as gifts, at garage sales and inherited a great collection from my grandparents-and every single skillet now gets used on regular basis. I know you’re gonna love them as much as I do!




Carrie Morey (Owner of Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit)

Vinson Petrillo (Executive Chef: Zero Restaurant + Bar)

Leila Schardt & Tito Marino (Embers & Ashes Catering)

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Shuai Wang (Short Grain Food Truck)

Isaac Morton (Founder of Smithey Ironware)