Simple, Summer Sangria Recipe

In my opinion summer recipes (whether for food and drinks) should be EASY! Really, really , really EASY & REFRESHING!!! 

On the first day in Vermont for our Annual Family Trip, my sister-n-law Alice suggested we make some sangrias. Of course I loved this idea.. Alice admitted that she had never made sangrias before so we did what any reasonable people would do…we went online for a recipe, then I adjusted it and I added to it from my memory of past loved pitchers! So here is my hodge podge recipe we recently made and really enjoyed (I am posting this recipe per the many of requests I received on Instagram and Twitter)…I think the most important thing to remember when making Sangria is:

  1. Use what you have (fruit, wine, juice etc…)
  2. It’a super tasty and delicious but it tastes even better the next day! So plan accordingly!
  3. It pairs really well with spicy dishes, bbq and taco night menus!!! ACUTALLY-its great with everything…enjoy!!!

Red Sangria 

What you need to make a 4L Pitcher of Red Sangria

-2 bottles of red wine (all the experts suggest using dry reds or blends or shiraz or cabs) I say: USE WHATEVER IS CHEAPEST or READILY AVAILABLE!

-1 liter ginger Ale

-1/2 liter of orange juice

-4 tablespoons of honey

-1 orange (sliced)

-1 lemon (sliced)

-1 BIG handful of grapes (each grape cut in half)

-1 handful of blueberries

-1/2 apple cut up in bite size pieces

-a few strawberries

-handful of cherries cut in half

Cut everything up and put in large pitcher, and stir. Let sit for a minimum of 3 hours before serving (if possible)…but even better the next day! Enjoy over a cup of ice!!! SUMMER SIPS ARE THE BEST!!! CHEERS!!!