Sea Island Savory Herbs #eatlocalchs

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The next feature for my April commitment with Lowcountry Local First: EAT LOCAL MONTH CHALLENGE.

I recently visited Sea Island Savory Herbs (John’s Island) for the first time! I had never even heard of it until a few weeks ago. A friend of mine, Ryan Welliver, Mixologist at The Cocktail Club told me how amazing SISH was (sidetone: Ryan is one of our feature stories in our launching issue of Edible Charleston Magazine and you don’t want to miss his article…the guy is more than just an amazing drink maker…look for it mid April)! Ryan grows a large amount of herbs at his home rooftop garden along with the garden boxes at The Cocktail Club that he uses for his cocktail recipes. He spoke so highly of the selection that I tagged along with him to check out the hidden gem on Johns Island. I was blown away! I have never seen such an amazing selection of herbs, plants, old fashioned varieties of camellias, vegetables and flowers.

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The 30 year old, family run business is the largest producer of quality, live herb plants in the Lowcountry. Many of the varieties they carry are cultivars produced especially for withstanding our semi-tropical climate. They grow many herbs from stem cuttings which produces plants of a superior quality to those grown from seed. The women who run the nursery are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and happy to answer (even the most basic) questions for those of us that need assistance! I highly recommend checking out Sea Island Savory Herbs…its an amazing place, full of beauty and life!!! HAPPY GROWING!!!

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5920 Chisolm Road • Johns Island, SC 29455 • 843 559-1446 • [email protected]

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