Its always fun to see a a chef and restaurant get excited for new menu items…especially when its during spring time in the south! There is so much seasonal produce to choose from for new plates and flavor combinations! For the month of April, Lowcountry Local First created what is known as: Eat Local Month and encouraged the community to join along in a month long celebration and challenge to support the local agricultural and fishing communities and attempt to buy and eat from within the state of South Carolina, as much as possible. Recently in our launching issue of Edible Charleston magazine, we featured Chef Ennio Vazquez from The Drawing Room. Ennio shared with the magazine several seasonally inspired dishes and recipes…that have gotten our readers, really excited! I recently visited the Drawing Room and grabbed some shots of several of the dishes that Ennio currently has on the menu. I loved that each dish is nearly 100% sourced from our abundant food community and is diverse and beautiful! As the end of the month is upon us and the challenge is soon coming to an end, the notion of eating local continues! I highly recommend visiting The Drawing Room and trying one of these dishes while they are available! YUM!!!


Wadmalaw Salad / Farm Vegetables / Root Bakery Croutons / Sun-choke Vinaigrette

Ambrose Farm: Turnips, spring onions, beets
Growfood: Asparagues, rainbow carrots, sunchoke
Kurios Farm: Bib Lettuce
Root Bakery: Carolina Rice Bread

Fresh Catch: Seared Golden Tile /Nostrale Rissoto with Oyster Mushroom/ Sauteed Aspargus and Rainbow Carrots/ Herb and Lemon Vin.

St. Jude: Golden Tile
Anson Mills: Nostrale
Mebkin Abbey: oyster mushroom
Growfood: asparagus, rainbow carrots
City Root: micro sorrel

Oyster Rockefeller/ Creamed Collards / Bentons Bacon / Pernod Persillade

St. Jude: Otter Island Oyster
Bentons: Bacon
Ambrose: Collard Greens

The Drawing Room is located at: 19 Vendue Range, Charleston SC 29401. (843) 414-2334

Check them out!  http://drawingroomrestaurant.com Instagram: @the_drawing_room