LOVE: Shop Borough!!!

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Several months ago, I met Ashley Worrall, designer and owner of Shop Borough at a fantastic wine dinner. When she introduced herself, I immediately recognized her from Instagram. I had been following her feed for several months (and had totally been crushing on her Charleston inspired printed dresses…for awhile)! I love the colors, fun play on normal daily items like mason jars, bicycles, bull dogs, oysters and houses. Her soft shift dresses are made from 100% organic NC cotton and hand-made right here in Charleston, SC. With the Charleston Wine + Food Festival kicking off next week (and the weather report looking SUPER favorable) I gave Ashley a call and asked her if I could come by and try a few things on…because I was feeling inspired to add a some new items to my wardrobe!

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I love Ashley’s story, positive presence and keen eye for mixing print, color and shape. She grew up watching her grandmother sew and was inspired to pursue a career in textiles from, North Carolina State University. Everyone told her it was a terrible idea that clothes are all made and sourced out of country…but that didn’t stop her from following her passion that was seeded in her from the time she could walk and look over a table’s edge at her grandmother working on a sewing machine. Ashley put her time into the industry and once she had paid her dues, she moved her to Charleston (her dream city)! She takes pride in her southern inspired prints and the quality and time she puts into making her dresses and clutches. I highly recommend checking out her fantastic line!

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“As a textile designer living in Charleston inspiration is everywhere- homes in beautiful hues, a calendar full of festivals and events celebrating all things Southern, seemingly endless hidden alleys dripping with charm, and an amazing culinary scene. My prints celebrate life in the South and Lowcountry staples, so it’s perfect to live in the city that has elevated grits and biscuits to rockstar status.

Another thing I love about Charleston is the sense of community. The city is full of passionate entrepreneurs and creatives that collaborate and support each other. There is a huge focus on using local products and talent, which helps all of and creates a very positive synergy.”