Live Demo Pork Chop Recipe

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We had a lot of fun yesterday doing the ‘Stock Your Pantry’ segment on Facebook Live in partnership with Charleston Wine + Food! BIG thanks to our sponsors US Foods and Stock Yards for making this series possible. We were live in the kitchen with Chefs: Daniel Doyle and Benjamin Harris who shared a dozen essential items for every home cook to have on hand in their pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Yesterday the chefs did a live demo of a super tasty pork chop…here’s the recipe from our demo. Hope ya’ll will try to make this at home…it was fantastic!


Pan Fried Pork Chop & Succotash

What you will need:

For the pork chop:

8oz pork chop (our meat was supplied from Stock Yards)
clear frying oil (enough to pan fry with)
6 slices of bacon or (2 hammocks) to make the stock
1 tablespoon of butter
pinch of finishing salt
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper

For the succotash:

1 gallon or 2 large cans of chicken stock
1 cup of hot sauce
1 bunch of fresh rosemary
1 bunch of fresh thyme
2 cups of raw peanuts
1/2 cup kosher salt
1 quart of feild peas
1/2 quart of black eyed peas

For the gremolata:

1/2 cup of chopped Italian parsley
4 lemons zested
6 garlic cloves freshly minced
1/3 cup of olive oil (we love the local Smoked Olive Oil brand)


For the pork chop:

On medium to high heat, in a cast iron skillet (if possible…because lets be honest…everything tastes better in a cast iron skillet) heat the clear frying oil.
Cook the pork chop on each side for about 3-4 and then flip and repeat. The entire cooking time should be about 6-8 minutes. Cook until center reaches about 165 degrees.
Once cooked, baste with 1 tablespoon of butter for about 30 seconds.
Remove from heat and sprinkle a pinch of finishing salt on chop!

For the succotash:

In a large stock pot, put in the can of chicken stock, 6 pieces of raw bacon (or hammocks) and cook to make the the base stock (about 30 minutes).
Add the hot sauce, rosemary, thyme, salt, black eyed peas (reserve the peanuts and peas) and cook for 30 minutes.
Add the peanuts and cook for another 30 minutes.
Add the peas. Cook another 45min-1 hour.

For the gremolata:

Combine all ingredients previously mentioned: chopped Italian parsley, zested lemons, finely minced garlic olive oil and mix in a bowl.

To plate:

Place desired amount of succotash on your plate, next put pork chop, drizzle with gremolata and top with fresh micro celery greens. ENJOY!

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