The Lot: Upcoming Steamship Dinner (this Thursday Nov.3rd)


Have you ever eaten at The Lot on James Island? I have to confess, I hadn’t until recently. I have always heard great things from foodie friends that they loved it…and I’ve always intended on checking it out, but it just never happened. I (like most of us) get in a terrible habit of eating at my favorite got-to places and sometimes forget to venture out and try places I have yet to explore. The worst part is, The Lot is actually only about 8 min from my house on James Island…its basically in my own backyard. Recently a good friend of mine Chef Blair Machado (former Executive Chef of, The Park Cafe) contacted me and told me that he was going to be doing a special dinner with The Lot’s Chef, Andy Mcleod. He shared with me their plans for the meal…and I got really excited. Blair is the kind of dedicated and passionate chef that if he is involved in something…I know its going to be amazing. I got curious and wanted to stop in and check the place out before the event…well let me just say…I fell in LOVE, immediately. I’ve been back 3 times for dinner and brunch and have absolutely loved every dish I have tried so far. It’s a special place and a hidden gem. If you haven’t been, this place needs to be at the top of your list! As Chef Mcleod shared with me, “The Lot is amazing because Alex and Vanessa Harris are committed to sourcing locally and responsibly with a focus on sustainability and slow food ideals. They have also been gracious in giving us autonomy to create and grow the restaurant in ways that excite us as chefs.”

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What I loved about the dishes I’ve had there is that each one is carefully designed, with seasonal and local produce and proteins that come from local farms. The menu changes nearly every day and is innovative and delicious without being unapproachable. I met everyone that works in the kitchen and you couldn’t ask for a nicer, more dedicated and passionate group, than as this team. The thing I love about meeting and working with chefs are learning their personal stories, hearing how they got to where they are and listening to why they love it. Chef Andy Mcleod began his career working in a deli kitchen in Clemson when he was in high school, years later he moved to Charleston and has worked at places like (the original) Sermets, Oak Steakhouse and Indaco. He nows heads the kitchen at The Lot and is excited to be preparing and presenting this dinner. They have an exciting spread of food lined up for the event…so if you haven’t been before or if you have already visited and love it….you should really plan to attend this week’s special dinner on Thursday night! It’s the best time of year to sit outside on a patio and enjoy a lovely meal in a relaxed environment…I can’t wait!


  • November 3rd,  5:30-9pm price: $30
  • Keegan-Filon hindquarter, 60 day dry aged beef cooked outside over a cowboy cauldron
  • an array of yummy root vegetable sides
  • locally sourced beer

tickets can be purchased at

The Lot is located at, 1977 Maybank Hwy Charleston 29412