A Reminder of the Meaningful Stuff…


Life is SO BUSY! I keep thinking one of these weekends, ‘I’m going to get caught up’ or ‘get ahead of my to-do-list’ HA! I’ve been waiting for about 2 years and it hasn’t happened yet. There is never enough time. Especially if you have kids…especially if you’re hustling and working your ass off to try to reach your goals and life pursuits….especially if you embrace daily living and try to be, ‘in the moment.’ If you are doing any one of those 3 things…then your life is BUSY. If you’re trying to do all three of those things just listed….then your life is probably the equivalent of trying to keep your head above water and avoid drowning while having every limb tied to a 2o lb. weight. Yeah, it’s nearly impossible…but you somehow survive. If this is you…you’re not alone…

When things like: HOLIDAYS or SPECIAL OCCASIONS, come up…I have so many great intentions. Sometimes I accomplish the grand and special touches I have in mind and sometimes I don’t (many times more than not, I don’t, but vow to try harder the next time). BUT…I usually pull off the ability to make something happen.

This past Father’s Day weekend we had an exceptionally busy weekend, we were on location staying at a local hotel property, working on a feature for one of upcoming blog series and we ran short on time to plan my daughters gift for her father. When I asked her the day before what she would like to give to her father for his special day she told me: ‘I want to give him a cupcake.’ I thought: PERFECT! I planned on us stopping at one of the local bakeries and buying him a nicely decorated and delicious cupcake that we could pick up on our way to his house the next day for their visit. What I wasn’t expecting was that the next day she would demand we actually: bake them, ourselves! I explained at 9:55am Father’s Day morning that I didn’t think we had enough time to do it ourselves and I pleaded that we please stop and buy something. She was not entertaining this idea at all. “Mommy, I HAVE TO MAKE IT MYSELF! He will like that the best.” Completely exhausted and realizing that I was never going to win this debate, I calculated how much time remained before I was going to be dropping her off…there was barely enough time…but there was just enough…if I hurried and didn’t waste another moment. We grabbed one of the emergency box mixes off the pantry shelf and set about making her request a reality. I helped her with the measuring, but she really did the majority of it herself. I threw that cupcake tin in the oven as quickly as I could and BAM!!! When the timer went off, I pulled them out of the oven, set them in the fridge to cool as quickly as possible so she could frost and decorate them. 30 minutes later, she and I and 5 cupcakes were back in the car and on our way to make her special delivery.

I didn’t want to make them….but she was right, he would of course like them better if she made them rather than buy them. It wasn’t about how beautiful the cupcake was or where we bought them…it was the fact that it was her idea and that she made them with her tiny and sweet hands and the fact that the whole idea came from her heart. As parents it is our responsibility and pleasure of teaching our kids about the things in life that are important. But sometimes even adults need a reminder…. It truly is the small and thoughtful things that are ALWAYS THE MOST MEANINGFUL!!!!

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