My Top 10 Places To Eat Right Now: Welcome Summer 2016

This installment of, My Top 10 Places To Eat Right Now’ is created with the intention of welcoming the beginning of Summer 2016 and featuring what I’m LOVING, right now! People always ask how I choose the list or what the rubric is in determining who makes it and who doesn’t… In all honesty there are so many great places to eat in Charleston at any given point…its hard to narrow it down to 1 list. But here’s a glimpse into what I’m really loving right now. Hope that you find it helpful and enjoy them as much as I do!!!


#1. 492 492 King St. CHS 29403

I have absolutely loved EVERYTHING about this restaurant since they opened last year! Great menu that constantly changes with seasonal produce and takes risks while offering new perspectives. Chef Nate Whiting’s knowledge of flavor combinations is innovative, exciting and keeps me coming back. The patio is beautiful and the head mixologist, Megan Deschaine is amazing. Great place to eat, any night of the week! Voted #1 for 4 of my top 10 lists in the last year.

 IMG_20160524_211716 Screenshot_20160518-063730~2

#2. McCradys 2 Unity Alley, CHS 29401

It has been years since I have visited this well-known, very respected and highly praised spot in CHS. I have always enjoyed the food here, it is renowned, it has a reputation for perfect preparation and is a very romantic spot for a special occasion dinner or working dinner spot for entertaining clients. But it was only recently that I began to revisit and while doing so, discovered it has a very approachable bar and is the perfect spot for solo dining when I’m wanting something delicious (and don’t have to wait to visit for a special occasion). So good!

Screenshot_20160602-143526~2 Screenshot_20160530-134131~2

#3. The Darling Oyster Bar 513 King St, CHS 29403

I was hesitant about how this new kid on the block was going to fair in a city with already several great oyster bars…well, they are exceeding everyones expectations. The menu is smart, offering options for vegetarians and non seafood lovers along with shellfish . The oyster selection is good, the prices reasonable and the dessert is dynamite! Love everything about this place and the staff is super friendly! Chef Joe DiMaio is sharp, has a pulse on what we are loving to eat right now in CHS and is super passionate about his food! BRAVO!!!

Screenshot_20160602-143617~2 Screenshot_20160602-143634~2

#4. The Park Cafe 730 Rutledge Ave, CHS 29403

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place so much. Great spot offering tasty food in a comfortable setting! I can’t get enough of their kale salads, great fish entrees and their weekend brunch is one of my all time favs in town. I have included them on several of my previous top 10 lists, and I’m happy to include them again, because they are great! Chef Blair Machado is talented, nice and a real team leader.

Screenshot_20160602-143431~2 Screenshot_20160602-143246~2

#5. Swig & Swine 1217 Savannah Hwy, CHS 29407

People are very particular about how they like their BBQ and proudly declare their favorites. I can tell you honestly there are several great BBQ spots in town…but its true, that I’ve been caught eating at Swig & Swine most often the last 6 months. I am in love with the brisket, chicken, daily specials and they have a great beer selection. Love owners Anthony and Jonathan-super nice guys who are doing a great business!

Screenshot_20160602-143508~2 Screenshot_20160530-135348~2

#6. The Granary 624 Long Point Rd, Mt.Pleasant, 29464

I don’t normally head over to eat in Mt.Pleasant very often (only b/c its out of the way for me) but this place really surprised me with how much I liked it and I’m happy to go out of my way to revisit it. Great flavor combinations, fair portions and those brussel sprouts…WOW! Really good!

Screenshot_20160530-133946~2 Screenshot_20160530-133933~2

#7. Indaco 526 King St. CHS 29403

I have been a huge supporter of this hot spot for several years because the food is always PERFECT! Its awesome the mix of local produce with traditional and modern Italian cuisine. I love the pasta, pizzas, salads, desserts…LOVE it all! Chef Kevin Getzewich is super talented and makes some of the best food in Charleston!

Screenshot_20160602-143443~2 Screenshot_20160504-200521~2


#8. Gaulart & Maliclet Fast & French 98 Broad St. CHS 29403

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner…they serve it all and do it all well! One of my favorite things is to slip in here for the lunch special (such a steal of a deal) great prices, great flavors and friendly staff! Love the year round soups, cheese selections, mustards, sandwiches and that cheesecake…YUM! I’ve never had a meal that I wasn’t pleased with!

Screenshot_20160602-143450~2 Screenshot_20160602-153252~2

#9. 167 Raw 289 E Bay, CHS 29401

Great oysters, shrimp or lobster rolls, tacos, salads, ceviche and fresh fish! Busy all the time and worth the wait. I’m a huge fan of the daily changing specials and anytime they make the seared tuna tacos…I’ll order 3 of them…so good. They recently opened a newly renovated patio that allows for more seating. Nice beer and wine selection too.

Screenshot_20160530-135055~2 Screenshot_20160530-133818~2

#10. Harold’s Cabin 247 Congress St., CHS 29403

I love a good breakfast and lunch spot that has accessible parking, good service and tasty food! Thats why I’ve been hanging out at Harold’s Cabin A LOT, lately! Fun atmosphere and good eats….every visit! The rest of Charleston must be loving it as much as I am too, because they’re opening for dinner in a few weeks….YES!!!!

IMG_20160527_123749 IMG_20160504_111820


The Charleston Farmers Market, Marion Square 329 Meeting St. Downtown CHS

The Saturday morning Farmers Market is….AMAZING! So many great produce stands, artisans and local items to check out, but the FRESH FOOD VENDORS…WOW. So many great choices of coffee, juices, ice cream sandwiches, hot food, cold food…best place to grab a snack, breakfast or lunch between 8:30am and 2pm on Saturday!!!

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2 Nixons Pop-Up Dinners: ALL OVER CHARLESTON (check 2 Nixons Facebook page for weekly posts for where to grab dinner).

I LOVE ramen!!!! Chef Jeffrey Stoneberger is extremely talented and makes the best Ramen that you’ll find in Charleston! The guy is super talented and making a name for himself and his food! Check him out! He does pop up dinners all over the Charleston area (2-3 times a week)!!!!!

IMG_20160526_223139 IMG_20160526_213437