#TPBTH Day 16, Meet: Pamela Lesch

#TPBTH Meet: Pamela Lesch


Name, craft/industry/blog/passion, most popular handle/website:       

Pamela Lesch / Makeup Artist & Beauty+Lifestyle+Travel blogger                        

Instagram: PrimeTimePretty

How did you get started?  

My love of all cosmetics began as a child with Mama’s lipsticks and hair products.  I was a journalism-major in college, a flight attendant straight out of school, and then became a middle school English teacher.  My blog is the combination of my love of makeup, travel, and writing.  

What or who influenced you the most as you were developing your craft?  

David Huebner was my trainer at my first job in serious cosmetics at MAC.  Not only is he an amazing makeup artist, but also his artistry extends to so many other media.  I went through a stained glass art phase, and he was curious about it so I showed him how I cut glass and made window panes.  All it took for him was one observation of my process.  Then, what he did for his first piece was utter magnificence.  I was awed.  Through David, I could see that artistry and creativity spill over into many other arenas.  

Why do you love your job?  

I think I have created the best job in the world because it’s the marriage of my passions: makeup, travel, and me. I love the people I get to make-up; they are real, perfect, and flawed.  I hand pick the places I get to travel to and try to delve in to their local flavor.  And I love writing about my own history because it helps me put pieces together and leaves a story for my children.  

What inspires you?

I find inspiration in hard work: people whose credo is “ the harder I work, the luckier I am . . .”

5 words that describe who you are:  

Polite, Accommodating, Idea-Gal, Cheerleader, Optimistic

When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

A broadcast journalist

Dream job:  

Beauty Editor for Garden & Gun Magazine.  To my knowledge, this position does not yet exist.  I’d like to build it from the ground up.  Let’s do it, G&G!

3 things you aspire to be or do:  

I aspire to be a loving + fun mother, a gardener, and a patient traveler.

(Fill in the blank)
I appreciate __________ in my life, because__________.    

I appreciate my husband Jim in my life, because he keeps me grounded and lets me chase rainbows.

What was one of the hardest lessons or toughest obstacles you had to overcome?

The fear of being judged by others is a crippling thing.  What I know now is that judging is human nature: it’s going to happen.  There’s nothing I can do about it, but stay in my own lane, do my own thing, and just keep on being Pamela.

Advice for someone who is looking to begin a new hobby/job/life pursuit:

RESEARCH what you’re interested in.  Google everything.  We live in the Information Age; info is at our fingertips.  Ask lots of questions, read and learn about your interests, and immerse yourself in it.  Become an expert.

Something your followers would be surprised to learn about you:  

When I was an English teacher, I had a theory that learning the eight parts of speech could have been easily accomplished and much more interesting if only I could have used the word “fuck.”  

Favorite food:

Anything Potato (baked, mashed, French-fried, chips, etc.)

Favorite drink:

My own home-brewed coffee

Favorite song:  

How Deep Is Your Love” by the Bee Gees

Favorite quote:

“Punctuality is the courtesy of Kings.”

(list all handles, websites etc…)

Websites: www.PrimeTimePretty.com (blog geared to women 40+)

www.PamelaLeschMakeup.com (bridal/commercial/editorial work)

Instagram: @PrimeTimePretty

Twitter: @PamelaLesch

Facebook: Prime Time Pretty


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