Kicking Off the Mini Series: 3 Places To Make A Rezzy at ASAP

I am planner in many aspects of my life and then in other areas of my life, I’m not.  Usually when it comes to food and eating out, I’m not so great about making reservations.  Mostly I go with my mood in that moment, or my appetite…its usually not planned very far ahead of time, unless its a special occasion.  Because of that, there are many places I miss out on eating at because they are packed all the time, AND FOR GOOD REASON, THEY ARE AMAZING!  I am trying to be better but we all have our faults.  However, there are a few places that I have learned my lesson with and missed out on and now: I plan for them.  The occasion??? Not a single thing except the fact I want to eat amazing, mind blowing, good food!  Sometimes its just a simple Friday night dinner with my kid, sometimes I will make a rezzy for a four top with no idea of who I plan to invite to join me.  Other times its a date night with the most special person in the world: myself (super hot: me, a book and my iPhone) that seems like good enough company to enjoy a lovely meal with!!! Right?! Don’t judge me. LOL.

3 Places To Make A Rezzy at ASAP:

  1. Indaco  (Downtown)
  2. The Obstinate Daughter  (Sullivan’s Island)
  3. FIG  (Downtown)

And if you are like me (most of the time) and don’t plan far enough to grab a reservation at one of these hot spots, then go and try to snag a seat at the bar (all 3 of these places have great bars to hang out at and grab a bite).  Then while its fresh in your mind, look at your calendar while you are still there and schedule something for another visit before you leave!  Its fun to have something to look forward to, even if for no other reason than because you want to and it makes you happy!

I am writing 3 separate blog post articles for each of these places individually.  Its a mini series I am entitling: “Places to Make A Rezzy at ASAP.”  I hope you enjoy!






The Obstinate Daughter: