Two Boroughs Larder-All The Sweetness Of Summer

The capability of social media is strong.  The power of suggestion influences me…daily.  I can not help it, post a good looking food pic…and you have my attention.  Post a BEAUTIFUL food pic and I may just change my plans and come to your restaurant and order.  That is exactly what happened last night.  I had plans with a friend to go to dinner at a fav spot of ours that I haven’t gone to in months (and was very much looking forward to) and at the last minute we saw it…it caught our eye on Instagram…she was a beauty…Two Boroughs Larder’s-Chilled Peach Soup.  In a split second, plans were changed and we headed that way.

AMAZING. Just AMAZING.  It tasted better than I could’ve imagined from the picture.  Every-velvety-smooth-spoonful-was-delicious.  It was all the sweetest elements of summer in a bowl and it was perfect.  I loved the cucumbers, salty and flavorful slices of ham and the thin sweet slices of peach, it was all spectacular!

We also enjoyed the Beef Tartare and the Sweetbreads.  Both dishes were equally as awesome as the soup which had lured us into the charming nook.  The Beef Tartare was flavored with mint, lime and pistachio…which was incredible and served with 4 super, yummy, warm onion pancakes (which I loved so much that I would order them, everyday if they were offered and I could)! Perfection.  The Sweetbreads were served in a melody of amazing tomatoes and chanterelles.  Delicious! All delicious!!!  All perfectly prepared, beautifully plated and absolutely wonderful.

Today especially a good meal, enjoyable company and warm service was very much appreciated.  I have enjoyed visiting this place since they opened in 2011…and I am still in awe that with every visit they surpass my expectations each and every time.