My Top 10 Places to Eat At, Right Now

1). The Park Cafe- I absolutely love their weekend brunch, above all other brunches in Charleston. It’s super fresh and delicious and utilizes local ingredients. They offer food that just tastes good and makes you feel good and no matter how simple of a dish- it is incredible in flavor!  (Personal favs include: Shirred Farm Eggs, A Walk in the Park and The French Bulldog Cocktail). 


2). Circa 1886- I really enjoy that that the menu changes seasonally allowing for new takes on dishes and they work with what fish and vegetables are in season. Their desserts are hands down-the BEST in Charleston. They have a delicious cocktail list and probably the best kept secret happy hour specials in town! Shhhhhh!!! (Personal favs include: any one of the seasonal soufflés. And this seasons Snapper dish is especially flavorful with lime, cilantro and watermelon). 


3). Chez Nous- I LOVE THAT THE MENU CHANGES DAILY! It is a surprise each day for me to look at my Facebook or Instagram feed and see what they are cooking up. They focus on excelling at the things they present each day and do it marvelously.  (Recent fav dish was The Quail). 


4). Caviar and Bananas- Being on the go, can really make food options limited for finding a good tasting: last minute breakfast bite or fast lunch or easy take home dinner.  Often previously prepared food can be disappointing and the flavor takes a hit. But this place has saved me from all that disappointment. Their food is delicious and offers an array of options from sushi to baked goods and hot sandwiches to eggplant lasagna. I also love the cheese and meat counter and availability to pick up a variety of good beer and wine. It’s the perfect place to grab a meal to go or grab snacks for a picnic. (Personal favs: The Duck Confit Sandwich, The Charleston Roll and whatever that gooey, chewy, healthy and yummy granola bar is at the front counter-I buy like 4 of those a week, no joke)! 


5). 167 Raw- Everytime I walk in there I feel transported to the northeast. Their seafood is fresh, tastes amazing and is prepared simple and well. Any and all of the fish I’ve ordered has been delicious. The daily changing ceviche is incredible, fresh fried chips that are dangerously addictive…and they make a lobster roll that will blow your mind! Someone recently asked what did I like there-simple-everything!!! (Personal favs-Seared Tuna Taco, Guacamole and chips and The Smoked Blue Fish Pate). 


6). Peninsula Grill- This place has the reputation of being one of the restaurants in Charleston for a reason-the food is spectacular. Not only is every bite full of amazing flavor, each plate is a work of art and the portions are fair (which often in fine dining…isn’t the case). After a meal here I always leave feeling like I’ve been taken somewhere new with food that I never had been to before and looking forward to my next visit. It is perfection, every single time!  It is in my opinion, the absolute best resturaunt in Charleston. (Personal favs have previously included: the soft shell crabs, cheese plate and hands down THE SCALLOP DISH IS THE BEST IVE EVER HAD)! 


7). Barony Tavern- I love options. I love menus that offer you choices for whatever your hunger level may be. Bar bites, tasty sandwiches, full on entrees…my mood changes daily and I love having a go to place that can cater to it all.  The menu is diverse yet remains cohesive.  (Personal favs include: the grilled pimento cheese and pepper jelly sandwich….its incredible! The crawfish stuffed shrimp and the farro salad). 


8). The Screen Door- It’s fun to have classic American dishes with a twist. They offer everything from wood-fired pizzas, tasty salads and classic rotisserie chicken to bold and interesting daily specials that will keep you coming back for more. (Personal favs include the homemade ricotta and pork pizza). 


9). Xiao Bao Biscuit- This place takes an array of Asian food (basically dishes that span across an entire continent) and fuses them all together in one menu…seemlessly.  I love the flavors, the colors and the spiciness.  Great plates for sharing or for yourself. (Personal favs include the cabbage pancake and chili cumin lamb). 


10). Indaco- The pasta is AMAZING.  Every single pasta dish I’ve eaten is incredible!  The pizzas are awesome and full of flavor.  The salads are exciting and out of this world good and always big enough to share which is great because when we go we usually order a bunch of entrees to split and pass the dishes around the table-because we want to order everything! (Personal favs include the polpette, margherita pizza and agnolotti pasta).