Chez Nous…I saw the Picture and Had To Order It! 

 Ive been a huge fan of Chez Nous, since they opened.  I love everything about it.  I really enjoy that the menu changes daily and utilizes in season produce.  The staff are all polite and informative and the ambiance is lovely, intimate and transports me back to memories of sitting in small tucked away resturaunts and cafes, from my travels throughout Europe.

I always enjoy scrolling through the Chez Nous Instagram or Facebook feed and seeing the pictures of the daily dishes and reading the descriptions of what they are serving up.  Some days are more tortuous than others as I would see a picture of some beautiful plate and sit there drooling over the description-knowing full well I couldn’t go because of work or previously made commitments (though once or twice I may have made alternate arrangements to snag a quick bite)! Don’t judge me-those pictures are dangerously tempting! Well, yesterday was one of those days….I saw a snap shot of this beautiful plate of quail with peaches and porcini and I knew without hesitation….that-I-HAD-to-have-that-dish!!!! It was calling my name.  I thought about that picture for 8 hours…until I finally arrived, ordered and watched in anticipation as the plate was set before me.  Perfection!  Absolute PERFECTION!

I get asked often what are my top 10 favorite places to eat in Charleston…since they have opened, Chez Nous has been on my top list.  However, after naming them I offer this standard disclosure: “I LOVE Chez Nous-but it’s not for everyone. The menu is concentrated and changes daily, the sizes of the plates are what real portions (should be) and its a higher price point than some people want to spend.  But it’s amazing and I’ve never had anything I didn’t absolutely love. I think it’s terrific, so know what you’re getting into before going by checking out the daily pics/descriptions on their social media outlets.  If you do, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!”

Chez Nous is a special place and couldn’t possibly be any more lovely than it already is. I always look forward to seeing what they are serving up next!