Carolina Jubilee, food and music festival.  October 16&17, Harmony North Carolina  

 I was recently contacted by Zack Wyatt who is the creative engine and driving force behind Carolina Jubilee.  You never heard of it before? Me either. That’s because this is the launching year for the new event, which is to be held this October in Harmony, North Carolina at Vanhoy Farms. It’s a music and food festival whose purpose is to raise funds to help farms, farmers and create more awareness about what sustainability and help spread the farm to table movement.  

Zack grew up in a farming community and the roots of his upbringing have lead him to take action for a cause that he sees as being vital and necessary: help protect the farmland, help farmers acquire more land, and offer assistance however possible to helping them reach their goals and grow there business. He sought to initially help non profits in the local Carolina regions and then realized his vision wasn’t really matching up with just one organization and that perhaps it was time for him to start his own and create goals in areas where he saw a need. The money raised this year will go towards benefiting Big Oak Farms and helping them to achieve their goal of acquiring 40 acres that they are in need of to continue growing their 100 year old, family run cattle farm.  

I asked Zack if he could explain his cause is one sentence what would it be, this was his response; “simply put in 2 words it’s all about being GENUINE and PURE. It’s time for communities to get together and do something, it all adds up and will make a difference for our farms and farmers and allow us to eat better and healthier.”  I absolutely agreed on all points. It’s that kind of vision and action that creates change. And I am excited and hopeful for Zack and his vision.  I can’t wait to go and support this awesome cause! Check out the website for information about his non-profit: