Who am I ?!? And WTH do I know about FOOD?

So you’re wondering, ‘why should  I read this blog’ or ‘what makes you so interesting’ or ‘what are your credentials’ the answer is simple…I just like good food! Not just any food, but really great, exciting, transform you to a new place, or take you back to an old memory or open your eyes to something unknown before that bite…kind of food.  Sometimes that might mean finding it in a 5 star restaurant that receives national attention for the amazing culinary delights that come out of the kitchen and sometimes that means just enjoying the simplicity of a delicious garden grown salad out of my own backyard.  Regardless, its one of the 5 topics that always comes up in the conversations I have with just about everyone I encounter on a daily basis.  And it is  partially that reason that has lead to a series of events that have encouraged me to write, blog and photograph my food adventures.

My profession has NOTHING to do with food, and not to be to egotistical but I’m pretty damn good at my job…ask any of my clients or friends or anyone that knows me…they’d all agree.  What do I do in real life-you want to know? Doesn’t matter, it isn’t nearly as interesting as what I do after work which is enjoy every inch of culinary offerings this city and my own garden and kitchen have to offer.  I enjoy good food, everything from fine dining to diners, and once or twice a week I’ll have a big throw down in my kitchen and whip up something new (mostly failures…but over a good glass of wine, who cares…all learning opportunities I say)! Brunch, dinner, happy hour, patio party, oyster roast, wine tasting….on and on and on.  FOOD (in my opinion) is one of the 5 things in life that unites us all, binds us to together or can be enjoyed on our own.

Yesterday afternoon I had a few friends over for a Easter happy hour on my patio (did I mention these two friends are well-known prominent chefs???!!!) well, they are and I’m over the fear of embarrassment that I might mess up my cooking when they are over (I’ve already done that a million times and they still come over to eat)! We enjoyed an array of lovely adult beverages and a large cheese plate that I threw together as they walked in the door…yeah, it was amazing and yeah, they sang my praises for having more than just a knack for entertaining (which I must admit, I took a little pride in) but one of these friends said, “Thats it, I figured it out…you should be a food writer! You’d be perfect!” I looked at him half shocked and half bewildered, “I don’t know anything about being a food writer…I don’t have any credentials,” He laughed, “HA! You don’t need credentials, you just need to know good food and you do.  You should do it! And you should open a cheese shop!”  I thought about it over the last 24 hours and you know what I decided…I do actually know a thing or two about good tasting food, I’m a lover of gardening and I get invited into numerous amazing restaurants, very regularly by the chefs…for the mere reason they want to cook for me! I probably have given a dozen restaurants in this town a heavy percentage of their profits based solely on the recommendations I have given to my clients whom have become regular visitors to those establishments.  (People trust my opinion about food, i’m not sure why…but they do!) Living in a town that is known for food nationally, and that receives accolades in the top culinary and travel magazines and receives attention on hit tv shows and newspapers…I think its time perhaps to hear from a faceless, anonymous person that actually lives in Charleston and enjoys the mere pleasure of good food and drinks on a regular basis and wants to share an unbiased, unaffiliated and honest normal person perspective!  FOOD makes life brighter, lighter and more pleasurable!  To enjoy a plate of delicious food and a tasty beverage to help wash it down…that mere small act of consumption and enjoyment can make a day better or even-great.  I hope you enjoy the coming blogs and pics of my food adventures! I just started a new instagram page at:CHSFOODWRITER or friend me on Facebook: Chs Foodwriter

Cheers, Prost, Salute!