What do you do when you’ve already eaten the best meal of your life?!? You keep going back-and tell EVERYONE you know to go there too!  Dinner at: Peninsula Grill

I know that I am fortunate to live in one of the best cities in the U.S.  Charleston is beautiful, historic, has the beach, offers dozens of sights to see and hands down is a culinary hot spot! I love good food, I work out to be healthy and frankly (I work my ass off at the gym) for the pleasure to be able to eat and enjoy the food this city has to offer.  I have had dozens of amazing meals over the twelve years I have lived here…and I had what I thought was the best meal of my life about six weeks ago at Peninsula Grill.  So when I went there tonight with some friends on a regular Friday night, to enjoy some soft shell crabs before the season ended-I expected great tasting food.  However, I was surprised that I had yet the meal of all meals…and can die happily knowing that it doesn’t get any better than this!  I have eaten the best food that this city can possibly ever offer…thank you Peninsula Grill and thank you Chef Graham Dailey…tonight’s meal can not be topped.

The dishes were beautifully arranged and plated…however it never once felt as though the focus was solely on the artistry of the presentation (even though each one, was a work of art).  Each plate was perfectly balanced and perfectly cooked.  The melody of textures and flavors, effortlessly complimented each other without it feeling like it was competing or overpowering the focus of the dish.  The sauces and sides enriched the main flavor without stealing it’s thunder or the show.  Everything was perfect. Delicious, wonderful and perfect.

Words and pictures can not possibly do justice to the feeling I was privileged to experience as I enjoyed bite after delicious bite of everything on our table.  I think its a beautiful thing when a dish or meal can transport you back to a memory or previous experience and you walk away, your memory refreshed with the feeling of the place that food toke you back to.  However when a meal, a dish, a single bite takes you somewhere NEW-that is mind blowing, it’s inspiring, it unveils a layer to your awareness and existence that wasn’t there before.  And that…that is the creation of a something ORIGINAL and AMAZING.  It’s an uncharted feeling towards a direction that words can not describe adequately and I certainly can’t do justice for in a mere blog post.  But let me tell you, I felt that tonight.  I felt elevated from my previous “good meal experiences” and taken to new place where all I can say is,  you need to go there and experience it for yourself.  The service, the menu, the food…were all spectacular and top of the line…it just doesn’t get better than that…they are, THE BEST.  The absolute best.  The chef and the restaurant have my heart, my appetite and my praise. I have many places I enjoy eating in this city but my favorite restaurant without hesitation is: Peninsula Grill.

Make your reservations and experience it for yourself.  Cheers!