My Sundays at The Park Cafe


If you asked me what are my top five places to eat in Charlesron right now, The Park Cafe is ABSOLUTELY one of them! I don’t know anything about who owns the place or who is working in the kitchen. All I know is that place is spot on for good tasting food, great service and an enjoyable dining atmosphere.

I’ve read their mission statement and food beliefs about supporting local farms and I love their ‘farm to fork’ philosophy. I have been to eat there (I’m guessing about 20 or more times) and every single time, the food is amazing and perfectly executed. I’m surprised that they keep impressing me-that’s probably why I tell, everyone about it!  Yesterday, I had the daily special: soft shell crab sandwich $16 (damn it was good! I rate it 10 out of 10, great taste, awesome sauce, perfect mix of texture and those tomatoes-WOW!) I was full and yet I wanted more!

Aside from the food being amazing, I really appreciate that the service is always incredible (even the time we had to abruptly leave because my kid was screaming because she wanted more corn bread…and I refused after she already had 3 pieces, yep it’s that good)! People cry over wanting more, lol!

I love that the food is good, the service is stellar and on top of it all-the atmosphere is inviting and makes you feel like you belong there. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’re wearing (yes, I’ve gone in wearing yoga pants) I always feel like I belong and comfortable. It’s the kind of place I love to go for breakfast or brunch (yes, every Sunday…it’s become a tradition) or a small bite inbetween meals during the week for alittle happy hour.

The Park Cafe is the real deal; they have all the elements to be a kick ass place and on top of it all, it just makes me feel happy. Please check them out! I have a feeling if you do, our paths will probably cross-because it’s the kind of place that keeps you coming back (regularly).