Edmunds Oast…they do it ALL right, ALL the time! 

Earlier today I ran into a friend and (BIG surprise) we started talking about food. We were discussing:  what to have for dinner (initially we both had intended on eating at home). Then we started talking about a few places that we had recently visited that were good, and BAM it happened…we always talk about how amazing, Edmunds Oast is. Then he mentioned that he read that they had recently gotten in some soft shell crabs. I had their soft shell crabs last year and that dish was mind blowingly good (I went back and had it again a week later, also I told everyone I knew they had to go and order that them)!  As a restaurant you know you are doing something right when people are still talking about how good a dish was from the year before. Within 5 minutes of our EO conversation we had called the restaurant and confirmed that, YES-they did still have the crab dish on the menu and reservations were made for patio seating (I had not yet experienced dining on the new covered patio and I was excited….only 5 hours to go! Lol). 

We got seated and it was pouring rain, which completely uneffected us, as the patio was covered and had these amazing pull down side screens that are waterproof, awesome! It’s really spacious and has lots of room to feel comfortable. They have accomplished maintaining the cool vibe of the restaurants interior and extended it seamlessly to the outside addition.  

One of core things I love about Edmunds Oast is the story of how it got started. I first met Scott Shor and Rich Carley around 2008 when they opened The Charleston Beer Exchange (the states first all craft beer retailer which featured a growler station).  I’m from Michigan and we are all about refilling our growlers, but for Charleston this was a first and I knew these guys were onto something good! It was a great experience going into the store, the guys were always so helpful and willing to share tidbits, fun facts and their knowledge of the breweries, imports and explain what were on the shelves. I remember going to some of their first beer dinners held around town at cool places and enjoying the beer pairings. They were fun and bringing something different then anyone else in town was doing at the time.  Those guys were hard working and passionate about sharing their knowledge and the sophistication of beer.  So when they opened Edmunds Oast, I had no doubt that it was going to be a success…what I didn’t foresee was that they were going to become one of Charlestons leading spots in less than 2 years of their opening. They nail it! They have it all, amazing and interesting food that changes regularly (while maintaining some of the favorites staple item dishes on the menu) cool atmosphere, in house cured meats, house brewed beer, (most amazing cocktail list in town) and great service!  In my opinion it is the coolest place in Charleston without being prentious, trendy or a fade. It’s the real deal (and also on my personal list of top 3 favorite places to eat and drink). 

Every single plate I have ever ordered, has been perfect (and I don’t say that lightly) perfectly balanced flavors, textures and always…always delicious and leaves me wanting more and coming back!  Check them out!  





(First 2 photos of restaurant taken from Edmunds Oast website).