Circa 1886…my happy place! 

I have been dining at Circa 1886 at the Wentworth Mansion for several years (on a pretty regular basis) for one simple reason: they achieve perfection, every single time I am there.  Marc Collins is one of the most innovative and talented chefs in this city and every plate I have is a new culinary experience,  that I can’t wait to explore! It has become my “happy place” and I can’t get enough of it. Last night I had the Kobe Beef Carpaccio and it was mind blowingly GOOD! Perfectly balanced flavors and texture and visually-it was just beautiful! It was so delicious that I wanted to order two more plates! It was great as a first course or would be good as a lite bite. The restaurant and bar are beautiful and the atmosphere is inviting…I enjoy the staff and appreciate their expertise, opinions and company! I can not recommend this place enough…for me, I can never have enough of it. (I rate the dish 10 out 10) and can’t wait to order it again!