CHS FM Highlights of the Week: Earl Freeman Farms and Owl’s Nest Plantation 


The Charleston Famer’s Market, for me-is the best downtown, out door event of the week. I just love it. Today started out looking a little gloomy (ok-a lot gloomy and it was drizzly and not so nice)…and then it slowly started clearly up and now it’s pretty darn nice out there. Regardless of the conditions, it doesn’t scare off those of us that trek down here every week to get our goods.  As I mentioned in my post last week, I’m striving to do a highlight post every week of some of my fav vendors. This week I grabbed some especially good looking veggies from; Earl Freeman Farms (from: Johns Island) and The Owl’s Nest Plantation (from: Cross) and a extra fun vendor: Urbane Baby. 

Freeman Farms (John’s Island): Last week I grabbed some awesome leeks from these guys so I was eager to get back to their booth and see what they had going this week. I started looking through the kale and a nice young man who was working at the tent came over and asked if I was finding everything and asked what I was going to be making/cooking and offered his help. I asked him if it was his families farm or if he just helped worked with then. He proudly shared with me, that it was his families farm and that it had been in their family for over 40 years and they had been part of the farmers market since it started. He told me about his real job doing water pipe construction but that he helped with the farm and fm’s tent when he could. His pride for his families business and for being part of it was something I will not soon forget…it was silently beautiful and inspiring. The produce looked stellar and they had a huge selection of other goods to choose from also. I grabbed some: kale, baby spinach, strawberries, beets, bell peppers and garlic, corn and cucumbers. Their stand is near the Meeing St entrance to the market…check them out. Super nice people and good looking produce! 



The Owl’s Nest Plantation (Cross, SC): I’ve got to begin by saying this is one of my FAVORITE farmer’s market stands. This all organic farm has the best apples and tomatoes of the entire market (once apple season begins: I usually spend about $30+ a week just on their apples)! They have a huge selection and the best flavored apples I’ve ever eaten in my life! I’ve always seen the same guy work this stand by himself and on top of being a nice guy, he projects this zen vibe (that I always am kind of jealous of and find myself wanting more of it, in my own life) and I swear his calm, peaceful demeanor and zenfulness rubs off, onto the food! I can taste the difference in happily grown food. He always has an usual assortment of cool and delcious stuff (weird names potatoes that are yummy, mushrooms, greens and those apples when in season-you gotta get them)! His stand is on the King St side of the market, across from the parking garage entrance.  Today I grabbed some beautiful carrots and rhubarb. 




Urbane Baby: cuttest baby/toddler clothes and accessories in the market.   I love that the FM has a fun array of crafters, artisans and creative goods. This booth always has the cutest baby and toddler attire. We love the hair bows and accessories too! She will custom do things as well, which is awesome. Check them out! Great gifts and splurge items.