CHS Farmers Market is open for the season! 

All week long I long forward to Saturday morning when I load up my empty cooler and hand held shopping basket in the back of the car and head to the Farmers Market downtown. I have my routine once I park the car I barely deviate; ear buds in (check), cash in lower pocket of purse for easy access (check), coffee tumbler in basket (check), child in tow on shoulders (so I can keep both hands free for grabbing my goods-check)! The secret to a successful and happy shopping experience is that you MUST get there early (as in, within the first hour or you are screwed and then wadeing through the ocean of people).

We have our favorites that we hit up every week for veggies, fruit, eggs, honey, home made ceral bars, meat and fresh pasta. It’s always fun to stroll around and look at the artisans, crafters and other stands for gifts and the occasional fun splurge items too. We usually get some delicious snack to munch on too (it’s important to keep up your energy with proper nutrition when on a serious shopping outing (especially those crepes-that’s real fuel food right there)! Lol.

I think whether you live here or are just visiting, visiting the CHSFM is a must. I love the energy of picking through the bins and finding my staple go to items and some new items that inspire me to get of my normal cooking routine. Most of all-I love supporting our local farms and farmers.

Each week I’m going to write up a small article on one of the farmers market vendors, who they are, what they have to offer our community and include some pics! Stay tuned for this special segment to the blog.


Happy weekend!