Best Pommes Frites in Charleston!

This afternoon I asked my daughter (who is 3) where she wanted to go for dinner, without hesitation she replied, “Rue de Jean.”  (It is without doubt her absolute favorite restaurant in town) and one of my top 4 choices also.  I knew she was interested in 2 things: sitting on the patio and ordering pommes frites, but how I could I blame her, it is the perfect ending to a terrific day! As we were getting seated I saw our favorite server across the dining room (Andrés) and I asked if he could wait on us it was clear that he was working a different portion of the resturant. 

Now I would have been happy to have any one of the waiters take us on but luckily we were able to snag Andres! He filled me in, on some of the new wines that were new on the scene right now. (I always love this kind of info that only a fav server will take the time to throughly share, regardless of how busy they are-thanks Andres, I always appreciate it)! The awesome service is one of many reasons we love this place so much! 

Our order: I like a perfectly arranged dinner of courses that compliment one another and flavors that build up to the entree (most of the time). But that is not why we go to Rue de Jean. We go there for the the things that leave us smiling (and most likely they don’t really go together…and we don’t care). I have a handful of items I always love to order and (occasionally) I will try something new.  Now I could on and on about what we ordered, (and it was all delicious) but really all that needs to be mentioned are how amazing the pomme frites are! Really, I don’t care if you don’t even like French food, those pomme frites are worth going to eat at the resturant just for that! They are perfection and the best this culinary hot spot of a city has to offer!!!! I’m not sure what sets them apart, but ask anyone in town how like Rue de Jean and the first thing they will say is, “those fries are SO good!”  

(Rated 100 out 10. Lol. Those fries are DEVINE!)